If you are looking for a school:

-Where students work, play, and explore in the campus gardens, horse stalls, chicken coops and the beautiful nature trails that surround the campus -Where a love of learning and respect are at the heart of everything we do, Campus Klarenthal is the place for you! All grades from preschool through grade 12 open their doors to parents and families. Just give us a call...

If you are looking for a school: -Where your child is actively engaged and loves to come to school -Where creativity and analytical thinking happen each and every day -Where there is a strong focus on the arts, environmental education, foreign language learning, and physical education

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Campus Klarenthal is a Progressive Educational
project for all children and young people from
preschool through high school. It is modelled on
Christian and Progressive Educational traditions.
We offer every qualified degree provided by the
German educational system.
We know that every child is different and see this
diversity as a rich opportunity to help children
develop according to their unique potential. We
practice a philosophy of inclusion that also
welcomes religious and cultural diversity. Openess
to the world is one of our core values.
Our school is wonderfully close to nature, and is
situated at the edge of the woods. We strive to
offer a school “home” as well as a school community:
trustful and value-based, constructive and

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the foundation - financial aid @ Campus Klarenthal

A cordial Invitation
Dear donors, dear friends of the foundation,
seven years ago I established our foundation to support a place I had come to know as an ideal place for learning and life. On EVIM’s Campus Klarenthal children and youths are encouraged and guided to lead their lives self-determined and open-minded. Christian values and the tradition of Progessive Education form the basis for individual achievements in learning as well as for social conduct in the community.
The Foundation provides scholarships for children and youths whose parents cannot afford the school fees. We also finance acquisitions and projects that support the student’s pursuits of learning and life.
Thanks to our sponsors we have already come a long way and I would like to express my sincere gratitude.
I cordially invite you to talk with me about an educational institution that is unique in our region.
Michael Oberste-Wilms, founding benefactor

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